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Expedia has a last-minute deals page as well. Win-win for all! Check our round-up of sharing economy travel services here. What does it cost to stay somewhere using the sharing economy? Anywhere from FREE to as much as you want to fork out for a high-end apartment rental.

20 Tips & Hacks For Getting The Best Deal On Hotel Rooms

Couchsurfing , housesitting, and house swapping are all cost-free options. Those wanting to splash out on fancier accommodations can book timeshares for rent by owners at a fraction of the cost set by the resorts themselves. If listing your own home for an exchange, be sure to include bright photos and detailed descriptions of nearby attractions. Some group buy sites include:. Thrifty Tips : Always double check for black-out dates and take note of additional fees e.

Best Discount Hotels in Dubai

Why is that? Resources Trending. Budget Travel Budget Travel See all. Destinations See all. Trending See all. Timeshares SellMyTimeshareNow. And you won't necessarily be bunking up in a dorm either — many offer singles, twins and doubles. Even if they say a hostel's full, always try emailing direct, in case there's a spare room that doesn't show up. On top of cheap prices, there are further discounts to be had.

Package holidays often win if you're heading for a traditional tourist destination eg, Rhodes, Malaga for seven, 10 or 14 days. For package holiday prices skimpier than a pair of Speedos, always book late. But if you need special facilities, book early and consider carefully whether booking a package really will save you money.

This means if your tour operator goes bust, you're covered. ATOL doesn't protect standalone hotel bookings. If you book a flight plus separate hotel or car hire together from the same travel website in the same transaction, you get full ATOL financial and legal protection, just as with a traditional package holiday. If you book these elements from the same site, but in different transactions, you'll only get financial protection. Compare this with booking the cheapest flight and hotel separately to see if this protection 'costs' you. Pay by credit card.

Booked directly with a firm that went bust? Check your insurance policy.

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Some insurers will cover you in the event of a cancellation, and possibly for other elements of your trip too, like flights, if you can't find anywhere else to stay. Alternatively, if you booked using a credit or debit card, see above. Spare room and apartment rental sites have mushroomed in recent years, and can often offer cheap short-term stays worldwide. The idea is hosts put you up in their spare room or rent out their whole apartment to earn cash on the side. You can stay everywhere from swanky LA lofts to houseboats in Paris, and it's a great way to meet locals.

Crashing in spare rooms often beats hotel prices too. The sites below act as middlemen between hosts and guests to help. It's worth trying a few, as sometimes prices differ for the same room between sites. When comparing, always click through to the payment page, as they can add extra fees at the final stage.

Before booking Scour reviews from visitors and check photos closely. If there's a choice of payment method, go through the site's own payment system for added protection rather than handing over cash — that way, your money will be held for 24 hours after you've checked in. Rooming with strangers can be a lottery. This isn't for types who like to run fingers along doorframes for dust.

Sometimes check-in times are restricted or email replies slow. Before booking, always do your research and find out as much info as possible about the host, neighbourhood and property. Check reviews from visitors and inspect photos closely. This isn't a specific hotels tip, but it's one that needs to be high on your agenda if you're paying for a hotel in foreign currency.

Best Deals in October

There's one way to spend abroad that smashes all others — using a specialist travel credit card. As an added bonus, you earn 0. The big advantage is that Clubcard points are worth 1p in store, but they're worth three times as much when converted into 'Rewards'. The snag though is that hotels usually only let you use vouchers against their rack rates ie, normal prices , which are often much higher than their cheapest internet ones.

So before exchanging your Clubcard vouchers, carefully compare prices first, as you may get better value for your vouchers elsewhere.

This guide helps you cut the cost of any hotel worldwide, but it's always worth looking out for special one-off promotions which can save you a packet. Then you upload photos and a description of your place. Feedback varies — some have found it a way to make lifelong friends, while others wouldn't try it again — so you'll need to decide if it's for you.

Good ol' camping's a fun way to explore the great outdoors and get away on the cheap, especially if you're staying within Europe. Pack up a car with your own equipment and book a pitch at one of the many campsites across the Continent. When you're booking a room it's always worth checking if the price includes breakfast — sometimes it will, sometimes it won't. Always check. There's no hard and fast rule on this.

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Sometimes booking-sites or hotels will throw in a 'free' breakfast as an added incentive to book and it's worth it, but sometimes you'll find you end up paying much more for the night as a result. So factor in the cost. Most places are likely to have nearby cafes, bakeries and eateries that will allow you to pick up inexpensive breakfast items if you don't pay.

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However, if breakfast is included for only a little more, it might be worth shelling out the extra amount. Breakfast also makes an excellent haggling point — if you're trying to persuade a hotel to beat a comparison site's price, ask them if it'll throw in breakfast for free. It's sometimes possible to bag free food and accommodation in exchange for a few hours' work each day, usually on farms. We found vacancies listed near Rio working on a country estate, with jobs including gardening, cooking and working in the plantation.

However, none of the sites we've mentioned will organise, or help to organise, a working visa for you. For most countries outside the European Union, you're likely to need one to work. If you're not sure either way, contact the UK embassy in the country you plan to work in — it should be able to help. If you go through it, it can sometimes result in a payment or benefit to the site.

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Best Discount Hotels in Dubai

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