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Zero discrimination. I have seen this film and really deserve all the accolades it continues to reap from different award winning bodies. Would it make it to the Oscars, to think it is competing with two other pinoy related films. Angels guard its strength and grace. By taking on caregiving and domestic tasks that are traditionally assigned to women and girls in families, domestic workers enable their women employers to work in the paid labor market.

Moreover, by assuming domestic chores, domestic workers allow families that employ them to enjoy family life unencumbered by mundane tasks. In the multi-awarded film IloIlo , Singaporean filmmaker Anthony Chen captures the contributions of domestic workers to the families that employ them, especially the care work that is involved in raising and nurturing children.

The film was inspired by Mr. One of the things that he recalled about Auntie Terry when memories would flash in his mind is IloIlo , where Auntie Terry hailed from. Through the lives of Auntie Terry and her Singaporean employers, the film presents the aspirations, struggles and humanity of the characters as they negotiate their encounters initially as strangers, later as worker-employer, and as family members. Although the PMRW does not encourage overseas employment as a development strategy because of its social costs, the film would be instructive for OFWs, their families, advocates and other stakeholders who work for the promotion and protection of the rights of OFWs, particularly domestic workers.

PMRW will continue to promote and raise awareness about Convention and RA , especially among domestic workers so that they will know and claim their rights.

women's hockey world cup

It is our hope that the film and others like it will contribute to the appreciation that the nurturing hands that rock the cradle are accorded the respect and dignity that is long overdue. Let us all watch, learn from and enjoy IloIlo! Nasalihan mo na ang lahat, ito na lang ang hindi! Makihalo sa kwentong Halu- Halo! Watch the trailer -. Hosting the event with Ms. We are very happy to be with you today to launch this event. And through Administrative Order No.

Get the Best Priced Air Mass Sensor Parts

Some of these government agencies are here with us and will be speaking about our theme this year. Our aim is to discuss the programs and services by the government and civil society to returning migrants and their families, mainstream the concept of migration and development in the local level; and highlight success stories and contributions of migrants in the development of the local communities. While Filipinos leaving the country are increasing through the years, more overseas Filipinos are also coming back home after almost four decades of toiling in foreign lands.

Some are retiring due to their age, health conditions, while others are forced to come back because their contracts were short changed or mainly because of circumstances like conflicts or wars. Reintegration is thus the other reality that time and again migrant advocates and stakeholders have to address aside from their constant role of protecting and promoting migrants rights and welfare. Although this forum is just a half day, and the concerns and issues of our returning Filipino migrants and their families are plenty we definitely will not be able to cover them all.

So we have a month long, this coming December to celebrate successes and gains, discussions and figuring out solutions and alternatives to making the lives of our reintegrating overseas Filipinos more pleasant and productive. I hope that through our speakers they will be able to help us to learn new ideas and learn from their experiences.

Let us all benefit from what they will be sharing to us. I hope that during the open forum we also get to hear your voices on how we can collectively empower overseas Filipinos eager to come back and OFWs who will soon reintegrate.

Black money: Radha Timblo had illegal Goa mines and a Pakistan connection (Corrected)

Allow me to thank all the IAC members present and not here with us this afternoon who were so active and engaged in bringing this forum here to Davao, then to La Union and Manila and also the rest of activities lined up for December. And to our speakers who travelled and be with us and to everyone who participated Daghang Salamat, Maayong Hapon sa tanan! Live Life! Love Life! My journey blog on life and love Pages Pinoy Chocophile Home.

Hello Pedro,. Welcome to ! Namecheap is all about a free and open internet. Click here to be a part of MYDD. The selling shareholders may not sell these securities until the registration statement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission is effective. Of the shares being offered hereby, 5,, shares relate to shares issuable on the exercise of warrants and the remaining 18,, shares relate to shares presently owned by selling shareholders. We filed this registration statement, of which this prospectus is a part, to satisfy our obligations to certain selling shareholders to register for resale the shares issued to them and the shares issuable on exercise of the warrants.

We will not receive any proceeds from the sale of shares by any of the selling shareholders. The selling shareholders may sell the shares from time to time in public or private transactions occurring on or off the AMEX, at prevailing market prices or at negotiated prices. Sales may be made directly to purchasers or through brokers or dealers who are expected to receive customary commissions or discounts.

We will pay all expenses of this offering except for any underwriting fees, commissions, brokerage fees, and transfer taxes, which will be paid by the selling shareholders. This prospectus is part of a registration statement that we filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Neither the Securities and Exchange Commission nor any state securities commission has approved or disapproved of these securities or passed upon the adequacy or accuracy of this prospectus.

Any representation to the contrary is a criminal offense. This summary may not contain all the information important to your investment decision. You should read the entire prospectus, including the consolidated financial statements and related notes, included elsewhere in this prospectus.

Can Excel show the column headers on every screen? How to freeze panes and split screens | PCWorld

We are a Nevada corporation headquartered in Clearwater, Florida. Through our wholly-owned direct and indirect subsidiaries we provide world class technology solutions to businesses and individuals. From until we had no operations.

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In , we acquired two private companies that were subsequently divested. Since we have acquired a total of fourteen companies which now serve as the platform for all of our business operations. We are now focusing on integrating the business operations of these companies. Effective with this change, retroactively applied to all periods that we performed such services, we recognize revenue on the straight line basis over the term of the contract. Effective with this change, retroactively applied to all periods that we performed such services, we present revenue on a net basis.

We have retroactively applied this change to all periods that we owned this intangible asset.

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The following tables summarize the effects the restatements had on our previously issued financial statements:. Previously Reported. As Amended. Net Income Loss. Earnings Per Share. Fully Diluted. Total Assets. Total Liabilities. Additionally, Mountains West would be required to assume all of the contingent obligations owed to the former shareholders of the subsidiaries that make up our Think Consumer Services segment. Although we are continuing to negotiate with Mountains West, the letter of intent has expired and we have been unable to enter into a definitive agreement.

Mountains West is controlled by individuals who are shareholders of ours and who are actively involved in certain other business transactions and companies with members of our management and board of directors. Thus, the closing of the transaction will also be subject to our receipt of an opinion from a qualified independent investment bank regarding the fairness of the terms and conditions of the transaction to our shareholders.

There is no assurance we will be able to complete a definitive agreement or close the transaction. Recent Developments. If not converted, we will be required to redeem the preferred stock on the second anniversary of its issuance.

A working A1 Cardone Air Mass Sensor is necessary to maintain required EPA carbon levels.

Jacobs, a director and our former chief executive officer, secretary and treasurer, and T. Benjamin Jennings, a director and executive chairman, submitted their resignations to our board of directors. Jacobs was primarily focused on identifying and acquiring companies.