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  1. A discount to visit a park and swim with dolphins? Tell me how!
  2. Deals & Discount on Oahu Swimming With Dolphins | Best Of Hawaii Tours & Activities
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People come the world over for this opportunity. Make sure you're one of them.

A discount to visit a park and swim with dolphins? Tell me how!

The boat cuts through the gentle Kaikoura waves, gliding towards a wide horizon. The sound of the engines falls away. And then, there they are. Dozens, hundreds of dolphins, leaping, flipping and jumping in a one-time-only acrobatic spectacular.

Deals & Discount on Oahu Swimming With Dolphins | Best Of Hawaii Tours & Activities

As they leap, so does your heart. As they move with an unrestrainable joy, so does your smile. Be there for an unforgettable encounter.

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When you encounter the dolphins, you leave transformed. Share the experience. Kaikoura is a place of extraordinary natural beauty and rich history. Our tours are designed to operate with the least impact possible. The building is clearly visible and has a large customer car park available for your vehicles to park safely while participating on our tours. The outdoor courtyard has plenty of seating available and is a pleasant place to spend some time taking in the beautiful views of the ocean and the Kaikoura mountain range beyond. The Encounter Kaikoura site is a short, 5 minute walk from the town centre and is close to many of the waterfront accommodation providers on the Esplanade.

In we established the Encounter Foundation specifically to support organizations and groups that are actively working on projects that result in improving the health of the natural environment through conservation, education and research.

Dolphin Interaction Program

We donate a portion of each customer fare to the Encounter Foundation to support worthy projects which make an impact on ensuring our environment is preserved and treasured for future generations. Thank you for enabling us to do this — your support of our business is making a difference in a very positive way. Today's Scheduled Trips. Boats are equipped with waist deep platforms and specialty areas for you to relax between finding the areas where dolphins are. This is a comfortable experience where you can swim with dolphins and enjoy the process of observing their behavior in the wild.

Swimming with dolphins is an easy process with some of these top tour providers. Oahu Swimming With Dolphins. Catamaran Tours — Afternoon Tour Join us for an unforgettable and interactive experience with the Hawaiian sea life, landscape, and culture through several adventure tours and excursions across Oahu.

Get a chance to snorkel with. Dolphin Encounter — Kahala Incredible and inspiring interactive dolphin swim experience.

Opening Hours

Our dolphins come to you for a close-up look and hands-on greeting as you wade into their ocean lagoon. Swim alongside our dolphins.